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What is Russia – Introduction

Russia is the country of vast landscapes, vibrant life, beautiful
contrasts, and interesting people. Taking an immense space of 9000
kilometers from west to east and 5000 from north to south, being home
to people of so many different nationalities and customs, Russia is
often called a “bridge” between Europe and Asia, both geographically
and sociologically. From the ancient times up to now, Russia has been
changing and re-shaping itself, its boundaries, its culture. In the
ancient times, the Slavs, Finn tribes, Tatars, had made their way
through Russia, and this mix of many different nations and their
traditions has defined the unique Russian character and culture.

Visiting Russia, especially if you come by a plane, you’ll see
neverending forests and lakes, scattered among them, gleaming little
churches in Moscow and impressive imperors’ palaces in St. Petersburg,
all the modern attributes of “capitalist” world and old relics of
communist times, hip crowds of young people and old babushkas (old
women) wearing big fur hats and coats in the snow. To us, it’s all
about this kind of differences, about constant change in Russia now,
which makes it a very dynamic country with lots of energy and
potential. There has never been time in the Russian history, when it
was still or calm, always there would be something like a revolution,
an economy crisis, a war, as if to make life less predictable, and,
perhaps, more interesting too.

Facts about Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world. Ural mountains divide
Eurasian continent – and Russia – to Europe and Asia. One fourth of
Russian territory lies in Europe, the other part lies in Asia.
Russia??s taking the area of 17.1 million square kilometers – it??s
like USA and Europe together and the country is 9000 kilometers from
east to west and 5000 from north to south. The capital of Russia is
Moscow and the second largest city is St. Petersburg (which is also
called the “Northern capital”).